Thursday, 1 December 2011


AMIR HAZIQ BIN MOKHTAR :D thanks to you because you have give our happiness :D i will never forget you , sayang . i hope you study hard for your PMR . i pray for it . i'm happy because i have you . you are such important person in my life and no one can replace you . iloveyou until my last breath . i hope our relationship will last longer . although i am far from you , but you close in my heart :D no matter what happens , i'm still love you in any situation :D if i'm far from you , doesn't mean i'm forget you . i'm always remember you any time . you know what , i miss you so much ! i hope u read this post . i read this post for you amir :D i'm really HAPPY with your love :'D never forget about it . even our memories a bit , but my heart n you are very mean :D 

         iloveyou such a big heart from me :D muahh :*


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