Sunday, 23 October 2011

teringat kamu :'(

hye peeps ! ak selalu teringt kamu wahai insan yang bernama AMIR HAZIQ :'( . zana slalu ingtkn amir sbb zana sayang amir . amir , amir jgn sdih neh lw tade zana :'( u must smile , no matter what it is . that is one thing i like you much , your smile :D bkn hnya senyuman saja , ad lgy . tpi tkkn nk ckp kt sni . tkyh lhaa . biar kite berdua je yg thu . thanks to adik fatin maisara , alif (cousin amir) n amir kerna bgy smngt untk hubungn kite . tadpe amir . kite tempuhi dugaan ini dgn tabah ye papa :) i promise that i will give our happiness to our relationship . don't worry okay :D thanks papa . u're my inspiration :D i will never forget about you , our moment , our promise n our relationship :'D i always love you n i want you to keep you smile always . because i love the way you smile . i don't want u to be a sad boy . u must strong :'D . i'm so appreciate what you have done to me :D . ihopeso ! cintaku pada mu tkkn prnh luntur :') u must remember the words :) iloveyou !

                                                 ILOVEYOU mr.Amir Haziq bin Mokhtar !
                               fly kiss for you :D muahh :* 

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