Sunday, 23 October 2011

my life , his life :'D

my life , his life :D . what is that mean ? this mean is our happiness in our life . hoh :D i'm so happy with our relationship :') ihopeso . u such a special person in my life . always remember you , always love you n always miss you dear . i don't wanna lose you . we had a prmise , right ? so , we keep our promise properly . iloveyouso :) my life is ur life . and ur life is my life . you always used encouraging words to me . papa , how are you now ? are you okay ? i want you always beside me but that's gonna happen . pa , i'm always worry about you because i love you and i miss you ! no matter what people say to our relationship n our life . i'm still loveyou no matter what it is . don't worry okay . u must care of your health okay . ILOVEYOU AMIR HAZIQ BIN MOKHTR :'D  

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