Saturday, 22 October 2011


iloveyou papa :D terima kasih kerna papa bgi kata-2 smngt kt ma . erm . i'm really appreciate what you have done to me :D n i always remember our promise . i will keep my promise . u're always make me feel happy :) i will try my best to give our happiness :D i love you infinity <3 i always remember you n never forget about you . no one will judge our relationship . our life  :) any time , minutes , hours ,  days  ,  weeks , months n years , we still together :D i hope so papa from you . kelakar ngad mse awk tepom mak saya .  'makcik  ,  nk pinjm zana boleyh ? nk bwk ye g jln-2 ?' heheh :D nakal betol . saya kbo kn kt cousin awk n umy awk tuu :D iloveyoupapa no matter what it is :D<3

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