Monday, 24 October 2011

iloveyou :D

iloveyousomuch ! sweetkn  gmbr kt ats tuu . zana nk kite mcm tu . zana sayang amir . ta pernh luntur perasaan sayang kt amir .  amir marah zana k ? i'm  so sorry . zana adop  niat pom  .  mintk maaf neh wahai papa gedikss * i thank you as they are . imissyoudamn ! AMIR HAZIQ BIN MOKHTAR :D haha , ta prnh rase bosan pom .  zana akn berusaha mncri kebahgiaan untk kita berdua . i love you until my  last breath . your sad , my sad .  your life , my  life . so  we share each other . thanks to you because you make me happy always  . because of your smile ,  you  make me smile again :D since your presence in my life , i became happy  again and bring the light in my life . i hope we will remain forever sayang :') i do , iloveyou !  :'D AMIR HAZIQ BIN MOKHTAR

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