Thursday, 15 September 2011

a little thing called LOVE

hey my readers :)
today ,  i'm really sad coz of it  .
i hope that your love will  replies  one day :')
i know that i'm not girl  that  you  want  .
i know that you want her much :'(

i would also be happy even though i am trapped in grief :'(
for your happiness :')
i am willing release you because i love you !
my love for you is not  normal but extraordinary :'(
but i can't

because i know that you really love her :'(
i'm really sad about it but i still stand :')
i'm really love you but you must not love me :)
heart is only  for one not two :'(
between i n her , you will choose her .
because you really love her :'(
never mind  .
i love you even though you do  not love me like her  :'(


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