Saturday, 24 September 2011

hyehye ! :)

hye my readers ! lme zana ta update blog kn ? huh ! imissmyblog ! i want to tell you my happiness :) now ,  i'm really happy with my Mr.Akira . do you want to know who is 'Mr.Akira' ? ooppss ... sorry ,  i can't tell you sayang :) it is a secret . me (Akiruya) + him(Akira) = <3 you are my INSPIRATION sayang . you draw me towards good .I'M REALLY APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME :) . you always make me smile when i feel sad . congratulations to you because you give happiness to our relationship . i will never stop praying for our relationship to our relationship lasts forever  . i really hope that our relationship lasts forever so .   i do really love you SAYANG ! :) never felt bored with ur message dear .  only god know how much i love to you sayang . never felt sorry to know you . the first time i recognize you , i am very happy even at the time you don't belong to me . we're just close friends at that time  . sooner or later , love is suddenly arose in me this . finally , you are belong to me n me belong to you . we are together for all the time sayang :) 

                        ILOVEYOUALWAYSAYANG ! <3
                                Mr.Akira+Akiruya= <3

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