Saturday, 3 September 2011

hwaa ! :'( sedih --'

sedihnyer !!!! :'( i'm feel sad coz' something :'( i can't control  my grief :( what should i do ?  tonight  ,  i get angry a lot of people in facebook  . guys  , i want to  apologize i  let go of my anger towards you .  I'M SO SORRY ! :'( i didn't mean it . what has happened to me ? it coz of ?? sorry ,  i can't  tell you . it's really personal to me . only certain people who only know  . i'm feel alone without  ?? i want my past life ! i don't want my new  life ! it is so hurt to me ! i feel  helpless again  .  i want someone make me happy tonight but no on can make me smile n happy :| no smile in life :( someone please help me  . help me smile again in this life  . i think this life  is better than my past life  . but it is not reality :(

MOOD= sad+no mood :( :'(

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