Friday, 30 September 2011

sad come to me :'(

today , i feel sad . no happy in my life again :'( why ?? sorry  , i can't tell you because it's my secret . i don't wanna whole world to  know about my sad . huhuh . i need someone who makes me smile again . I WANNA MY OLD LIFE :') my old life is happy n no sad in that life . the whole people likes to make me happy :) . i don't wanna be a sad girl . i wanna be a happy girl lucky ! WHOOT WHOOT :) smile ? what is mean of smile ? smile can make us happiness ? is that true ?? i want to know about smile . what about LOVE ? someone help me what the mean of SMILE and LOVE ? sobsobsob :'( i confused with my feelings now ! I NEED HELP ! SOMEONE HELP ME ! ! !  !

:'( NEED SMILE IN MY LIFE ?  Need love in my life ?? HELP ME!!!!!!

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