Friday, 15 July 2011

i know that i'm not perfect for you :( i want to b e special girl in your life :') iloveyousayang ! please forgive me :) why you don't want treat me or you forget me in your mind ? but i always remember you :'( i don't want lost you in my life.  i want you always in my life n my heart :) what's wrong with you ? i'm really sad of you sayang :( are you don't care about me anymore ? ==' why ? i wondered with my questions :') are you really love with me ? are you  really care about me ? please tell me :( i kind of do not make your images :| and i kind of did not exist for you :'( i really need you in my life n i want you in my life coz i want you to be my special person sayang :') that's only i want to write about :') for you ahmad sabirin bin zahari  :') i hope that you read my story sayang <3

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